The Barnwell School District 45 Board of Trustees

The Barnwell School District 45 Board of Trustees consists of five members elected by the public on a staggered basis for a three-year term in nonpartisan elections. The elections are held on the second Tuesday of April.


Standards Adopted by the Barnwell 45 Board of Trustees

Our School Board Will:

  • Serve as an advocate for children and public education

  • Communicate a clear vision

  • Act with fiscal responsibility

  • Monitor student achievement

  • Understand and respond to community needs

  • Conduct professional meetings

  • Support the staff and administrative staff

  • Avoid micro-management

As Individual School Board Members, we will:

  • Act ethically

  • Demonstrate courage

  • Work as a team player

  • Communicate effectively

  • Make sound decisions

  • Stay informed

  • Devote sufficient time to duties

Rhett Richardson, Chairperson

373 Goss Lane

Barnwell, SC 29812

Home Phone: 803-671-2985 

Rosey Anderson, Vice-Chair

  88 Ashby Pines Road

Barnwell, SC 29812


Abraham Sexton, Clerk


276 Hutto Drive

Barnwell, SC 29812

Home Phone: 803-259-3669

Felicia Devore, Board Member


 871 Fairway Lane

Barnwell, SC 29812


Becky Huggins, Board Member

 149 Sandpiper Road

Barnwell, SC 29812